3.26 miles. 11:17 pace. Recovery, easy run.

Decided to take an easy 3 mile recovery run near the house today. I’m getting a little tired of the same routes, so today I headed out backwards on one of my usual runs. It mixed things up a bit. There’s a big hill about a mile and a quarter from my home. While I was running up it, another runner passed me and said hello. I turned around at the top, enjoyed the beautiful view of the valley and headed back down. An elderly man who was working on the side of the road, noticed me as I ran by and said, “You’ll never catch that other runner. He was faster than you. ” I just laughed.  He’s right – I’m a pokie gal, but that’s ok. I’m still better off than I was 2 years ago, sitting on the couch.

It was warmer than I expected and I overdressed! I was dying by mile 2. I rolled up the legs of my pants and the sleeves of my shirt. I must have looked pretty silly, but it helped to feel the breeze on my skin after getting too warm. Note to self – Spring really does seem to have arrived. Dress appropriately.

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