I broke my 13.11 mile workout into 3 intervals of this path I like to run. It usually measures 4.16 on an out and back. I did it three times, then a cooldown to reach half marathon distance.

I tried a new fuel belt today I happened to come across at Wal Mart. That should give you a clue how high-tech it was.  It was terrible! A total disaster. There are two 16 oz bottles – one on each hip and a really roomy compartment for cell phone, fuel, keys, etc. It seemed a great find for $9.99 and I still think it was — for things like walking around the zoo when you want to have drinks and snacks for the kids while keeping your hands free – but not so much for a running belt. I felt like a horse wearing saddle bags that were filled to the brim. My hips ached from the first half mile. I didn’t need the belt today – it was more of a test drive since my ultra is only 13 days away. My hope was that this would be a nice alternate to my Camelbak for some of the stretches of the 50k. I liked that reaching the zippered bag was easier than reaching the one on the Camelbak (you know – on my back!)  It works fine when you have a running buddy who’s also wearing one. You just grab each others fuel and go. Not so easy when running a race. You have to remove the Camelbak to reach anything in the pockets. I wear the Camelbak for hydration and it does a fantastic job of that for super long runs. Anyways… I was just hoping I could find something to also help with the fuel problems. Maybe I’ll just carry what I need in my hand during the legs of the race. (The 50K I’m doing is also a 5 – part relay race so my husband will be able to hook me up with Gatorade, water and fuel throughout the course if we can time it right.)

I’m babbling.  6 days until Robie Creek! 13 days until the Weiser Trail 50k! Today’s goal was to run the intervals (the 4.16) evenly. I did the first with an ave pace of 10:23. The second one was also 10:23. The third one was right at 10:23, with a half mile to go, at that point, I relaxed and let my legs go a bit more (just as I’m wanting them to do at the end of my upcoming races.) My final ave pace for the third interval was 10:14. I was pleased with the workout. It was intentionally faster than my goal pace for either race (the half marathon starts with 8 miles UP of a huge hill) so I’m not expecting a very good overall pace for that race — and I’m planning to run it as one last training run for the ultra – so won’t be going all out the way I would if it were the “one” race I had on my schedule this month. My goal for the 50K is just to finish. I believe I’m trained pretty well and hope to come in before 6 hours is up. 


Interval 1: 4.17 miles. Ave pace: 10:23. Time: 43:18
Interval 2: 4.16 miles. Ave pace: 10:23. Time: 43:12
Interval 3: 4.15 miles. Ave pace: 10:14. Time: 42:27.
Cool down: .63 miles. Ave pace: 18:07. Time: 11:21.

Total miles: 13.11. Total time: 2:20:18

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