This morning, we attended Jr’s baseball “Jamboree” with bounce houses and team pictures then watched his team play their third game of the week (plus they had two practices.) He was so cute running in for another point today (can you tell I haven’t a clue what to call these things when it comes to other sports?!!) We spent the afternoon running around town buying chairs and a few camping things so we can camp in our backyard tonight. The kids are so pumped!

This is my third day in a row I haven’t had a run. I was intending to take two days off, but today’s been so busy again – and it IS a taper week so it’s not the end of the world – but I would have preferred to get in some miles today. I have friends who are meeting me tomorrow at the Robie hill to run it one last night before the race on Saturday. I’m looking forward to that- the run, tomorrow, that is – AND – the race! 

My house is a mess – but my kids and husband are smiling today! One of these days I’m going to learn to juggle my life a little better.

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