Jr’s first official game is tonight. He’s so bubbly about it. It’s horribly windy out again but we’re all going to go and cheer him on. Wayne promised he’ll even help Jr more in the evenings with things like his chores so he’ll get a bit of free time and I promised to start getting Jr up earlier in the mornings so that he’ll finish school a bit earlier.

I am still unhappy with the schedule, but I’ll try to work this out. I really was against this from the beginning and told Wayne it would be too hard on the family if Jr had to practice or have games more than 2-3 nights a week. I really wanted to keep it at 2 nights, but Wayne claimed that was impossible and that we just needed to “go with the flow” and let the coach choose as many practices as he thought were necessary.

Anyways…I really, really do not want to do this again — but now I have Josh and Becca and Anneliese all begging to sign up for something this year to “get their turn at a sport.” I’m so afraid I’ll be too burnt out to do that.  I know of a gymnastics program and a ballet program in town that’s only one night a week, so that won’t be as bad – but Josh was thinking he’d like to do soccer and I have no idea how many nights that will be. I adore my children. I want them to lead full, interesting, fun lives — but I’m just not sure I can handle spending my life dictated by after-school activities for the next 15 years.

Does that make me a bad Mom to hope for things to be more relaxed and less scheduled? I really don’t think it harmed me in any way to not play any organized sports. In fact, Bertha and I have chuckled about that on our runs sometimes since neither of us was involved in sports in school and we’re both very devoted runners now. I think it turned out ok.

I think Wayne feels I’m the “bad guy” here since we want different things.  I am amazed that his parents raised four kids, they each worked full time and they made sure to enroll them in all sorts of things. I just don’t think I can do it myself. I was hoping we’d have time to ride bikes as a family this Spring, go camping more, relax while Wayne gardened at night in the backyard – have BBQ’s with our friends and extended family. I don’t want Wayne to feel that I’m his enemy or that I don’t support his ideas in how we raise the kids — but I think we’re going to have to come to some kind of decision about it after this season.

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