4.5 miles. 9:54 pace. 44:36 time. Hail, wind (22 mph), rain, 36 degrees!

I knew it would be a challenge to get a run in tonight. I’ve ran a marathon in the rain and I have run many runs in the snow and wind – but tonight there was a combo – hail, rain, wind and 36 degrees. Brrrrr! I bundled up good and headed out dressed in bright colors so I’d feel safer with the traffic coming at me. I was in good spirits and was even humming, “Running in the rain….I’m running in the rain….” for the first mile and a half.

Once I turned the corner at 1.7 miles though, it was right into the 22 mph winds and the hail (which hadn’t bothered me much before) was pelting me like a hundred BB guns. It stung. I had to take my sunglasses off since the immediately were useless. I tucked my head down and just pushed on.

By mile 2, my whole body was numb and the strong wind was just wearing me down. I kept at it though and just kept thinking, “Man, I hope my next race has better weather than this!”

I saw my house just about 4.5 mile (ran just a hair more to get the even number) and man was I happy to be done. I did get locked out for about 5 minutes, but thankfully, my family eventually let me back in (yay for cell phones to get their attention when they were off watching a movie upstairs and didn’t hear the doorbell.)

I’m shivering, but glad I pushed through tonight.

1. 9:59
2. 9:35
3. 9:41
4. 10:24
5. (.5 mile) – 9:53

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