It’s been a bit of a challenge getting my weekday runs in since my 9 year old started his baseball practice, but I think my husband and I’ve worked out a system that will at least help me get in two short runs during the week for the next two months. Tonight he cooked while I ran 5 miles! It was wonderful coming home to the delicious smells of his homemade Belgium waffles smothered in Cool Whip and strawberries! Mmmm. That’s what I call a perfect after-workout meal! 

5.03 miles. 9:25 pace Total time: 47:21. 46 degrees. 8 mph winds (that’s as close to perfect as I’ve seen it in weeks!!!!)

1. 9:31
2. 9:09
3. 9:16
4. 9:52 (it got warm and I had to take my jacket off and my mp3 player was around the sleeve, so it took a minute!)
5. 9:18
6. (final .03) — 9:12

Great run!

Since this was the final run for March, I can now share my total for the month – a new personal record!!!! – 146.19 miles!!!! I’m so proud of myself!

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