I GOT MY ROBIE NUMBER!!!!!!!! The local race directors do a great job of “teasing” the racers in the weeks leading up to the race. I’d already received one teaser e-mail about a week ago and I was so excited when I saw tonight that they’d e-mailed the race numbers to us! I’ll get to pick up my bib and timing chip April 14th! I’m so pumped!!!! The half marathon is April 17th! It’s getting SO CLOSE!

Oh! And I forgot to tell you guys that I bought a costume. I hit the thrift store on Saturday and stumbled on this adorable Go Go dress from the 60’s! How could I not fall in love with it’s polyester black and white striped cuteness?!  I wish I could run in Go Go boots, but I’m pretty sure I’d kill myself and that wouldn’t be any fun at all — so I’ll just have to do the best I can with hair and makeup and jewelry to complete the look. I did see that I could buy boot covers online – -but I’m not sure it’s in the budget to blow $15 on them — although I haven’t ruled it out. It would make my outfit look cuter.  I’m thinking of adding a sign on my back that says “GO GO You Can Do It” for the people to read behind me. 

I need to take a pic of the actual dress and share it with you guys — but right now my graphics card is dying on my pc so I’m afraid of loading all the recent shots I’ve got until that gets fixed. But.. in style, it’s kind of like this:

It’s about that length and has the low belt (mine has white buttons). The main color is black on my dress with thin textured white lines across it and it comes up to my neck and is sleeveless.

This is similar too.

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