MY FIRST 40+ MILE WEEK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I’ve always tracked my miles on my calendar (currently a nice Runner’s World one.) Doing it that way – from Sunday – Saturday. So..this tiny little run tonight was just for one specific reason — to finally cross that 40 mile week threshold I’d never jogged over before – and I did it – and a bonus mile to boot!  Looks like I’ll have to run a bit over 20 tomorrow so that my daily mile week will show the same accomplishment.  I’m so proud of myself!

So, miles this week — 41 even, baby! 

Here’s today’s stats. Wayne and the kids were eager to go out for dinner, so I had to make it short and sweet.

2.39 miles. 20 mph winds. Temp – about 68 (too warm!). Ave pace: 10:40. I just had the biggest smile on my face when I finished. Wow… I’ve gotten close to a 40 miler — but I don’t think ever beyond 37 miles and I just blew that out of the water!

I’m planning on running a double loop tomorrow. One of the town’s I live near (it’s actually 6.55 exactly to the main street in that town from my front door). I found it’s a fun way to run a half marathon if I do the route out and back. So….my big plans for tomorrow — do the whole thing TWICE for a marathon distance! Yeah, I know! Lofty, eh? Well, my ultra is 5 weeks away and I’m eager to see if I can do the marathon distance comfortably at this point. My plan is to run it easy, take a little walk break at every mile for drinking and fueling and to stop at the town for a potty break, head back to the house for another potty break and snack, then back to the town for lunch (there’s a Subway that I run right by  and I figured it would help my stomach practice digesting “real” food on the run the way you need to in an ultra (aka – the problems I had the last time I tried to run this distance), then back to my home for a marathon finish! We’ll see how the legs are feeling at that point. If I’ve played my cards right and held back, fueled well and still have a little gas in the tank, I’d love to hit 27. I’ve NEVER ran beyond the marathon distance before and I think this would really be good for my confidence going into the race.  I’m so nervous! I wish I had a partner to run it with me — but, I’m happy that this way I see my family in the middle.  Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I’m crazy!  Oh, and did I mention the 20 MPH WINDS right now?! That should make for an interesting experience. ha ha!

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