It occurred to me as I was running today, that the orange segmented lines in the middle of the road I run along kind of remind of those yellow dots that the old Pac Mac/Ms Pac Man games used to goggle up.  I decided to mentally focus on letting my legs “gobble” up as many as I could during my speed work today. They were parallel to me, so it wasn’t exactly the same — but it was a fun mind game nonetheless.

I did encounter the same four small dogs that I do every time I take this route. They run right out into the road to me, barking and yapping and snapping. It’s a very busy road too with a posted speed of 45 mph and I have such a fear that one of them or I will end up in the road during our encounters. I’m a dog lover – especially small dogs – but I was growling and snarling right back at them today when they went for my ankles. Grrrrrr. I did buy some Mace this week just for bad guy and dog encounters. I’d really hate to use it on these little fellas, though. I think I’ll have to call the animal control and report the house they come from. That’s probably a better way to handle this.

Anyways..the dogs did throw off my pace in the second mile mile a bit, but overall I’m very happy with my splits today. I wish I’d taken the time to do a warm up before starting out, since my first mile wasn’t very fast, but we were short on time today, so I was trying to squeeze in my run before dinner.

54 degrees. 12 mph winds. Beautiful!

My splits:
Mile 1: 10:02
Mile 2: 9:04
Mile 3: 8:19

I did a cool down of another 1.5 miles, but I’ll log that right after this one. 

My cooldown stats:

1.5 miles, 10:47 ave pace, 16:10 total time.
1. 11:10
2. 10:01

Peaceful, relaxing — good. I run alongside a fairly busy road that meanders past horses, a corral of goats, two really cool looking grain silos, a farm that advertises “Fresh Eggs” on a weathered sign, a few fields that have gone lush and green in the past few weeks and several homes.

Total miles for today: 4.5 miles.

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