Cows and Cars and Wind – Oh My!!!! 

I headed out for an easy recovery run today thinking I’d do 5 miles. The sun was shining, the temperature was 68 and I had a nice full bottle of water, so I headed out — right into about 20 mph winds! I veered off the usual path when it became obvious that running around 5 pm in the evening along a fairly busy road is a great way to take in deep breaths of exhaust fumes. Snifff – cough cough cough. I’d gotten pretty spoiled the past few months running in the mornings while my husband’s schedule allowed him to watch the five kids. With the new schedule, most of my training runs are smack dab in the middle of – rush hour!

Luckily, I live right at the edge of my town and it didn’t take long before I was waving at some cows and gazing at some newly sprouting fields of who’s knows what ..though being an Idahoan — it’s always safe to say – it could have certainly been potatoes. ha ha. The traffic was still more than I’d prefer, but it was less than the main road, so I relaxed and realized when my Garmin signaled 2 miles — that I was just starting to loosen up and enjoy the run — so I thought, “Ah – I’ll hit 3 and see how I feel before I turn around.” I hit 3, felt even better and kept going. Now I did only plan to run 5 miles so the only fluid I had on me was water and I hadn’t brought along anything to eat. I also hadn’t snacked for a few hours before the run, so about this point, my stomach started to protest, though my legs were lost in their own little ecstasy and plowed forward. At mile 4, I decided that I’d do just a half mile more then turn around and head back. I was feeling fantastic (and starving!!!)

Now on the way to the turning point, my hair had been blowing towards my face, despite being in a ponytail. It was pretty annoying. I should have guessed that at the turnaround it would get — worse!!! Right back into the wind! My pace dropped about a min and a half per mile despite the exact same effort — though, suddenly the hair was now blowing away from my face. At least I could see, while I plowed through that gale!

I took the loop (the longer way) once I hit my neighborhood and timed it just right so that I was standing in front of my house as the Garmin signled I’d done 9 miles. What a nice treat when you end up doing a little bit more than you meant you. 

Legs were feeling pretty good considering Sunday’s 21 miles. A little fatigue, but I kept the pace easy and took walk breaks to drink water. I’m feeling hesitantly confident that my training is going well for both my half marathon which is about 4 weeks away and my ultra which is about 5 weeks away now.

Stats: 9.01 miles. Easy, recovery run. Ave pace: 11:15. Total time: 1:41.

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