30 min of Wii Fit Plus Yoga and Strength. Felt like coming home again after that 30 Day Shred mishap. I really do love yoga and ab work!  I used the 3 lb hand weight in place of the wii controller again for the tricept exercise and really liked that too. Anneliese and Savannah joined me for the yoga portions and I tell you, they were the cutest little warriors and downward dogs I’ve ever laid eyes on. 

Feeling nervous and excited and a little anxious about my long run tomorrow. I don’t fear the big hill or the weather (though it’s pretty awful today -wild and windy and a pal of mine just shared pictures of the giant 8 mile up hill covered in SNOW from this morning) — but I’m actually worried about meeting some new people to run with tomorrow. I met some new pals online at my exercise site and they’ve offered to let me run with them tomorrow. I always get kind of scared meeting new people. I hope I fit in! I hope it’s fun! I MISS YOU BERTHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  — She’s been a busy bee lately at her work and in her family life (one son is graduating from high school and another just bought his first home and she’s putting on a nice housewarming party for him this weekend) — but these long runs are just not the same without her.  I hope the new group will work out for now though, while I’m prepping for my 1/2 marathon and ultra. The group is planning on doing 12 miles tomorrow and I KNOW I need to do closer to 20 if I’m to be in any condition to finish the ultra this time around. We’ll see what happens, but I’m planning to bring a full Camelbak, run the 12 with the new friends, then try to add on some extra miles at the bottom of the hill — in the more crowded area — since Wayne worries about me running alone anywhere that might be too remote. I hope the weather cooperates! I need this run!

I’m really secretly hoping I can click off at least one run of greater than marathon distance — since that’s the line in the sand I haven’t crossed yet. I did the 26.2 on Oct. 4, 2009 and I made it 23.33 the day of my ultra the last time around — but there it looms — 26.3 and beyond. I think mentally, I need to prove to myself that I can achieve that. It will give me the confidence to go into this race (the 50K) that I need. 

I’m seeing 126 on the scale again.  I’m happy with that. I’ve been eating horribly, so I’m kind of surprised — but grateful!

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