My husband was busy helping a friend move tonight, so I didn’t have anyone to watch my five children…so – to the treadmill I reluctantly headed. I begged for the treadmill for my last birthday in November. I thought I’d use it more, but it turns out, there’s hardly any weather that will really keep me indoors for my runs. So, I reacquainted myself with the machine, jumped on and started to warm up. My husband had very sweetly set up our old tv set in the garage facing it, so I thought it might actually be a little bit of fun after all since I saw Oprah was about to start (and it’s been years since I’ve watched Oprah – lol.) No more than a quarter of a mile in, I bumped up the speed just a bit and POW – I threw a fuse. 

I texted my husband, but he was lifting furniture. I tried all the tricks I know to restore power when that happens but to no avail.  So, there I stood, all dressed up for a run and my companion had pooped out on me.

Thankfully, my husband did return my call about an hour later and walked me through what to do to restore the power. I still couldn’t figure out how to make the tv work again -but was glad to have my treadmill back up and running (like the pun) again.

I did the remaining 4.75 miles that I’d been cheated out of earlier and just as I hit 5 miles, my dear husband walked in the door with an armful of Chinese food. Whadda guy!!!!! Glad I got the run in and hopefully we can figure out these little kinks so I can start using the ole Mill a little bit more as I prepare for my next two races in the upcoming few weeks.  My knee did not give me any issues today, so I think whatever damage the 30 Day Shred did to them is a thing of the past. Yay! Back to normal again and looking forward to a nice 12 miler in the hills on Sunday with some new pals.

Workout stats: 5 miles on the treadmill. I refuse to type how long it took since I’m fully convinced my TM needs calibration. But.. I did 5 miles and that’s the part that counts.

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