The best run I’ve had in weeks!!! Loved running with my Mom, three of my friends I grew up with and a new friend. Fantastic hills were great for Robie prep. I don’t think the lake or the snow-capped mountains on the horizon could have been any more lovely. 

Miles – 10.11. Ave pace (did I mention all the HILLS and the chatting?!!) ) – 11:51. Total time: 1 hr 59 min 49 seconds.

I about clobbered Bertha I was so happy to see her in running clothes with me again!!!  There’s something about having the world’s best running buddy in the world that gets me a little excited seeing her again after more than a month of us not running together. Her twin sister had me in stitches with her hilarious stories and re-enactment of her running style when she was injured for her half marathon.  Having my Mom there was pretty awesome too! I was happy to be running with her again and loved sharing my friends with her. Mom ended up running really well with my pal Marci. They seemed to be a perfect pace match.  Mom’s known Marci since we were itty bitty, so they had some nice catching up as they ran, too. Bertha’s sister and her friend also were a great match and I was very impressed that the new pal had only been running a few weeks – since she was keeping up really well!

Team Chocolate Milk chatted with the others for a little over a mile, then it was time to rev up the engines and attack a big hill. We zipped ahead and it felt so good to be stretching our legs and really putting on the gas again. It was pure pleasure being matched stride-for-stride again by my awesome friend.  I felt like I was home again out there on the road. It was just so beautiful out there in the hills, running along bare orchards and fields with the mountains on the horizon from all sides. I never grow tired of gazing at our local lake either. It seriously just takes my breath away. It was so still today, the sun glowing shades of pink and orange as it rose over the mist-covered water. I felt like I’d stepped into a screen saver.

I am happy.  Ok….now onto Day 3 of the Shred……

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