It’s been a bit of a challenge getting my weekday runs in since my 9 year old started his baseball practice, but I think my husband and I’ve worked out a system that will at least help me get in two short runs during the week for the next two months. Tonight he cooked while I ran 5 miles! It was wonderful coming home to the delicious smells of his homemade Belgium waffles smothered in Cool Whip and strawberries! Mmmm. That’s what I call a perfect after-workout meal! 

5.03 miles. 9:25 pace Total time: 47:21. 46 degrees. 8 mph winds (that’s as close to perfect as I’ve seen it in weeks!!!!)

1. 9:31
2. 9:09
3. 9:16
4. 9:52 (it got warm and I had to take my jacket off and my mp3 player was around the sleeve, so it took a minute!)
5. 9:18
6. (final .03) — 9:12

Great run!

Since this was the final run for March, I can now share my total for the month – a new personal record!!!! – 146.19 miles!!!! I’m so proud of myself!


I GOT MY ROBIE NUMBER!!!!!!!! The local race directors do a great job of “teasing” the racers in the weeks leading up to the race. I’d already received one teaser e-mail about a week ago and I was so excited when I saw tonight that they’d e-mailed the race numbers to us! I’ll get to pick up my bib and timing chip April 14th! I’m so pumped!!!! The half marathon is April 17th! It’s getting SO CLOSE!

Oh! And I forgot to tell you guys that I bought a costume. I hit the thrift store on Saturday and stumbled on this adorable Go Go dress from the 60’s! How could I not fall in love with it’s polyester black and white striped cuteness?!  I wish I could run in Go Go boots, but I’m pretty sure I’d kill myself and that wouldn’t be any fun at all — so I’ll just have to do the best I can with hair and makeup and jewelry to complete the look. I did see that I could buy boot covers online – -but I’m not sure it’s in the budget to blow $15 on them — although I haven’t ruled it out. It would make my outfit look cuter.  I’m thinking of adding a sign on my back that says “GO GO You Can Do It” for the people to read behind me. 

I need to take a pic of the actual dress and share it with you guys — but right now my graphics card is dying on my pc so I’m afraid of loading all the recent shots I’ve got until that gets fixed. But.. in style, it’s kind of like this:

It’s about that length and has the low belt (mine has white buttons). The main color is black on my dress with thin textured white lines across it and it comes up to my neck and is sleeveless.

This is similar too.


Windy Recovery Run. 4.37 miles. 11:06 average pace. 48:33 – Total Time. 63 degrees. Windy – 28 mph. CRAZY!

Legs feel pretty good since yesterday’s long run. I feel fairly good overall, but am looking forward to a couple of weeks of short and medium runs as I get closer to my two races. I carried my mace today and was ready for those dogs today — but I didn’t see them at all. With the crazy winds, maybe that’s a good thing for all of us. 

1. 11:12
2. 11:48
3. 11:35
4. 10:24
5. (.37 mile) 9:31


Here’s a picture from yesterday that our friend, Sam took of us.

This second shot I snagged from the internet so you could see the Lake.

Here’s another internet snagged one.


And – 126 on the scale today! Nice!  And – weirdly again – not even the stairs bother me at all. I feel totally fine. Like I could go run it again. I am seriously in awe that my body really is adjusting to the longer distances and recovering fine each time. I hit 136.79 miles after yesterday’s run. I’ve never done more than 112 in a month before — but I feel — fine. I’m just so excited and suprised. I’ll do a little recovery run today, probably a few miles on Wednesday and I’m wondering if I’ll hit 150 for the month.


What a run! The goal was to run the entire perimeter of Lake Lowell. We did it! The total mileage was less than we expected by a bit — but not much. 26.64 total miles. My running buddy and I agreed from the start to leave the Garmins on the entire time and not shut them off for bathroom breaks, fueling or — calling 911! Yeah – that’s right – our run did take a spooky turn about 11 miles in. A strange guy honked at us as we jogged along the side of the road near the Lake. We ignored him. When we came around the next bend, though, he was parked alongside of the road waiting for us.  We’re both safe, but he did do a couple things that made us both feel concerned he was a “bad guy” as we passed his truck. My awesome friend memorized his plate number and we called the cops. We kept running and thankfully the “bad guy” didn’t follow. The police met us a few minutes later and we were very happy to see them turn on their lights and go have a “chat” with the guy. We were gone before we saw if he was arrested — but we both felt that the police did a great job responding to our concerned call. 

A very nice friend of ours met us a bit later and ran a few miles with us, which was a welcome surprise! The vitamin water and energy bars were also a very appreciated treat at about the 21 mile mark! Yay!

I did have some tummy problems today, but nothing that stopped me for good. Most of our miles today were in the 12 – 13 min range which was what I’d hoped for.  There were some great hills the second half, which were pretty tough.

The weather today was interesting. When we started at around 8:30, it was 34 degrees with winds about 25 mph! When we finished, it was 61 degrees — and the winds had continued. Amazingly, the wind didn’t get us down. The first half, it even felt like the wind was pushing us along. The second half, we ran INTO it and faced the hills — but we prevailed!

Seeing the map of Lake Lowell and the surrounding area show up on my Training Center software with a nice yellow line showing that we did, indeed run the entire perimeter (at least the roads) of Lake Lowell really meant a lot to me today.  I did it! I feel great! My legs still have some bounce and I still have some pep. I can’t believe it! I really AM getting stronger and my body is learning to handle these longer distances! Horray!!!!!!!


The house is cleaned, the crock pot is filled with pot roast and veggies and waiting in the fridge, the bread machine is filled and waiting to be started in the morning, the Camelbak is clean and on the counter will all my goodies laid out near it, my running clothes and shoes are carefully selected for tomorrow’s crazy weather (low of 34, winds up to 25 mph and highs of 67 (which in a runner’s world is always 20 degrees warmer since we’re moving). I’ve got layers planned! That lake is out there tonight just mocking me and it thinks it’s going to try and beat Bertha and I down before we can complete an entire 28 mile loop (that’s the distance the government web site says it is around the shoreline.) We will conquer the Lake! We will be victorious! (we are scared – )


Easy, recovery run. 3 miles. Ave pace: 12:06. Total time: 36:19. Took it easy. Didn’t enjoy the wind or cold.

48 degrees. Winds 12 – 15 mph. This past few days has felt like an early taper as I prepare for my longest weekend run in my training that I’ll do on Sunday around the perimeter of a local lake. My running buddy and I estimate the distance to be about 28 miles. I’ve taken it fairly easy on the legs the past few days since the volume has been higher than I’ve ever put them through before. I seem to be handling it pretty well, but I’m so close to my two races that I do want to play it careful. My half marathon is 3 weeks from this Saturday and my 50k Ultra is 4 weeks from this Saturday. I’m getting nervous and excited!


I’ve been seeing 127 again on the scale in the mornings.  I really do think my weight has settled at this point. I weighed 127 before I had the kids, so that seems to be my “number.” Throughout my cycle it seems to vary from 125 – 129 and then repeat itself the following month and has done so now for about 6 months. Looks like I’m in maintenance.


WINDY, 59 degree, 5k (3.11 miles)/Recovery Run.

First run since my 27 miler on Sunday. Took Monday off to rest and it was my baby daughter’s 3rd birthday party last night, so today was my first chance to run again. 17 mph winds! UGH – Made it tougher than usual, but I hung in there. Pretty happy with the time considering the wind and the mileage these legs have been doing lately. Looking forward to doing about 28 miles around a beautiful local lake this Saturday.  Should be fun, fun, fun!

Today’s Stats:

Distance: 3.11 miles (aka – 5K)
Ave pace: 9:00 
Total Time: 27:58

I used my Virtual Partner (I  that feature of the Garmin!!!!) since I knew it would shut off the watch right at the 5K mark which was the goal. So much easier than staring right at the end when you’re trying to push the pace on a final kick! I wasn’t sure what I could do today given the wind and my recent long run. I figured I’d play it conservative and I set the Virtual Partner up to run the 5K distance in 30 min (9:39 pace). I haven’t run an official 5k in about 15 years, but last year Bertha and I sort of leaped into a local one and I came to the finish line just a hair before 27 minutes (this was one week after my marathon.) So, today’s time was pretty good considering. I’d like to see what I could do if I trained for this distance, working on speed instead of endurance for a bit. Maybe I’ll focus on that in the summer for a change of pace (literally!) I’ll have to sign up for a local 5K in the next few months too, so I can check that off of races I’ve done officially since my running comeback. 

Ok, the splits today:

Mile 1: 9:08
Mile 3: 8:46
.11 : 7:45 (I brought it home!)