19.01 miles today. Hard run. Just struggled out there but did more than I came to do (I intended 17), so I’m proud of that. Ave pace: 11:37 for running portion (18.26 miles) Cooled down for .75 at end with a very slow walk pace. Steep hill was a great idea – but I really felt it later in the run! My calves were yelling at me! Total time: About 3 hours and 46 min. I’m beat. 

Windy today – but also warm and sunny. Lots of weather changes on this run. Enjoyed the sunshine and 55 degrees at the end, though that felt a bit hot but didn’t especially like the 42 degrees and strong winds that were aiming at me for about 8 miles. Brrrrrr. Spotted an awesome hill about a mile and a half in and of …course — had to run up it. About a mile and a half up, then back down again. Ran the rest of the route on a fairly flat path. I’m feeling it in the calves. They cramped up on me at mile 15 even though I’d been trying to take in fuel the whole way. I was starving the last few miles, so though I did work on it, I know I still have to work on getting enough calories and liquid in me for the duration of a really long run.

I ran alone today. It was a bit lonely. I missed my friend but was thankful that Shania Twain kept singing, “I Ain’t No Quitter” when I’d hit repeat on the mp3. I needed that kind of tune mentally today.

Pretty beat now. It wasn’t my best run. It wasn’t my worst either. lol I could use a nap – and a steak! Maybe both at the same time. ha ha

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