126.8 this morning – and that was before using the bathroom, which I did after getting dressed.  So nice to see the scale going in the right direction again.

I do think I lost touch for a few days there with listening to my body when I was eating. I’ve said for a couple of years that the best thing I did (besides running) was to learn to stop before I got full at meals and snacks. That stuffed feeling feels awful and I’ve been eating more than I need to lately. Just one more bite – or two or six. You know. Focusing on how good those mashed potatoes and gravy taste instead of how sick my stomach is getting from continuing to take more bites. So…yesterday I made a big point to slow down a bit and pay attention again — and the scale rewarded me.  My tummy also feels less icky. I definitely think they are connected.

Ok, heading out on a run. I have the energy of a slug right now. I’ve been like this for days. Definitely means I need to run!! Since we’ve had a guest the past few days, my workout schedule has been thrown off. He’s leaving today and I’m jumping back into my real life. 

Alissa — I’m likely a crazy gal for doing both races — but I’ve been dreaming of Robie since I was a teen and I need to do this ultra to prove to myself I can do it. So – both I’ll do. I won’t “race” either of them though. I’ll just aim to finish both. That’s good enough for this round.

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