I walked with the kids to the park yesterday while they rode their bikes (well, Savannah took the easy street and had me push her in a stroller!) It felt like Spring!

I woke up today to a blanket of snow on my front lawn. Good bye, Spring. I knew you couldn’t stay just yet. Wayne took off this morning to go skiing at Bogus Basin, one of the local ski resorts. I’ve never skied in my life. Neither has Wayne. His friend has, though and he’s with him. But… they just called and the stupid van just broke down AGAIN!  It’s the same thing that happened to me a few weeks ago. The serpentine belt just fell off. We paid to have a new one put on six months ago. Grumble. Grumble. At least it didn’t happen while I was out with the five kids on my own. In the snow. That would be worse.

So, I didn’t run yesterday or today. I seem to have pulled some muscles in my lower back from doing the 10 minutes of wii Super Hula the other day during my workout. Wayne was watching for part of it and I admit I may have been putting a little too much into it since he was looking.  There’s nothing like shaking your booty – until your old lady back gives out.

I had planned on doing some Yasso 800’s today. For anyone unfamiliar with them, they were created by Bart Yasso of Runner’s World fame (they call him the mayor of running since he’s so friendly and had a big hand in creating lots of races around the US in the last twenty years or so.) He created the system for himself as a speed workout, but a few years later when looking at his log books realized that they could predict his marathon times fairly accurately!

The system looks like this: You do a warmup (I usually warm up at least a mile to make sure I’m loose.) Then you run 800 m (half a mile) at a hard pace, back off for 400 m (1/4 mile), then do the 800 again at the same tough pace. Early in the season of training, you do just a few of these and build up until you can hold the same pace for the 800 for 10 reps.

So..if your average pace for the 800’s is say….5:00 (so a 10:00 min per mile pace), then you can confidently say you’ll run about a 5 hr marathon. If you can do an average of 4:00 min for the 800’s, then you likely can run a 4 hr marathon.  He said it’s worked on almost every marathon for years — though you have to assume a few extra minutes if you’re a new marathoner (less than 5) or if the conditions are severe (weather or hills.) Cool, huh? So, I read about these in Bart’s book, My Life on the Run last year and was eager to try his system out. I “think” I have a 4:30 marathon in me this year. I “think” I’m fit enough right now to do the 10 reps and see where I’m at. I was hoping to do it today. But.. my lower back is hurting a lot and I’m afraid it would make it worse. So….. Maybe I’ll try it next week. Want to do it with me, Bertha?!!!! 

By the way, here’s the Runner’s World online article about the Yasso 800s if you’re interested anyone.

I’m still debating what workout to do today. I might use the treadmill since it’s just collecting dust right now or do some yoga. I’m thinking the yoga would help my back pain. Hmmmmmm…..

Oh, and I’m back to 127.0. I say back to because I actually saw 129’s this week when I was at my most bloated.  My period is due in a few days, so the extra 2 lbs will probably be gone soon too and I’ll be back to 125 land where I live happily. (Or at least where my pants button better.) Must work on eating more fiber, drinking more water and eating more foods like yogurt and whole grains. I’m hoping this junk-food junkie can reform. My tummy will thank me for it. My ultra might go better.  It would be good for me.

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