My weekly mileage has looked like this so far for 2010:
First week of Jan (so, Jan 1st and 2nd on my calendar) – 16.25 miles
Week ending Jan 9th – 26.01 miles
Week ending Jan 16th – 17.7
Week ending Jan 23rd – 17.91
Week ending Jan 30th – 31.33
Last day of Jan. – 3

Total miles in January – 112.2

I also did 10 wii fit plus workouts

February looks like this so far:
Week ending Feb 6th – 8.02 ( I took this week to recover better from ultra)
Week ending Feb 13th – 13.01 (still reverse tapering and glycogen replacing) Maybe I replaced too much glycogen. 
Week ending Feb 20th – 29.6
So far this week: 8.25

Total miles for Feb so far: 58.88 miles Total wii fit/other workouts: 5 (See? Not so good with my cross-training so far this month.) 

I’m going to probably run another 10 or so this week and 17 on the 28th. My total should be close to 85.88 or so.

I do think those two easier weeks had an effect on me. And the banana bread I baked and that hawaiian pizza I ordered from Pizza Hut last week. And those darn Ferrero Rocher chocolate gold balls Wayne gave me for Valentine’s Day, too. It hasn’t been a huge change – but I think it’s been enough. My stomach looks 6 months pregnant. 

I think I need to increase my fiber, drink more water and make sure I’m cross-training 3 x a week. I hate feeling so bloated!

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