What a fun run! I enjoyed catching up with my friend Marci while taking in the beautiful scenery near her country home. The hills were fantastic (and steep) and really were a great workout! I especially loved that her 4 year old son joined us for the last mile! What fun to see his little legs churning up a storm! 

It’s been such a thrill hanging out with my hometown friends on runs the past year. Growing up in a tiny town, all of those I knew growing up really felt like extended family. Everyone went their separate ways as we grew older, but here we are running side-by-side again after all these years. I still have pictures of Marci and Bertha and I when we were 6 or 7. Now we are all mothers with ten kids between us!  How fun is that? 

8.25 miles. Time: 1:46. Average pace: 12:56 (lots of walk breaks – Marci’s coming back from a hip injury.) She did awesome! I was so proud of her!

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