What a beautiful run! I’d only intended to do 8 or 10, but the weather felt so much like Spring and my legs felt so good, I just kept going and going. I loved seeing the horses frolicking in the corral I passed, the hills filled with black cows and the snow-capped mountains in the distance. It was just incredibly pretty out there today and I felt amazing.

Stats: 13:11 miles. 2:23 time. 10:55 pace. Took if comfortably hard. Took several walk breaks to keep it easy on the legs. Felt amazing! Wind on the way back. But – spring is in the air!!!!!! And, did I mention I nearly stepped into a flock of chickens around mile 8? Yeah, it’s true. I also had to leap over a road pancake that used to be a skunk. Wowzers! And, I also neglected to mention the pair of pink panties on the roadside, now didn’t, I? And, no – they weren’t mine. 

I got back, kicked it home the last .15 of a mile for a pace of 7:15 and my legs were burning.

My three older kids met me at the door after my 13.1 today. How could I say no when they begged me to take them running too? My 10 year old and 7 year old were done after 1 mile and I dropped them by the house. My 9 year old was ready to do more, so I took him through the tree farm next door and along the creek paths I… like to run. He was easily distracted by the bird’s nest we saw in a tree, the ducks in the creek and the feathers and pine cones he found on the ground. He was grinning from ear to ear. Good cool down for me, though my calves were cramping a bit by the end. Time to eat! 

Stats: 2.31 miles. 43:45 time. 18:56 pace (did I mention they really liked the springtime and wanted to stop and see every tree, every bird, every cat tail in the creek?  ) Running with my kids really was pretty special. I love those babies SOOO much and seeing them show an interest in what I do makes me feel thrilled beyond words. .

Yeah, and if you figured that out — I just ran 15.42 today. Total of 29.6 for the week. Not bad.

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