I couldn’t resist that beautiful sunshine and those blue skies out there! 43 degrees and winds at about 10 mph, so of course, I decided to run in shorts and a short sleeved t! It was a bit chilly on the way out, running into the wind, but it was heavenly on the way back with the wind pushing me along a bit. 

I decided to run from my house to the next town and back. I ran along the wide, dirt shoulder both ways. A steady flow of traffic zoomed by, but I didn’t care. I had my 80’s tunes blaring in my mp3 player (Micheal Jackson I miss you so because you’re BAD, you’re BAD.. you know it…) and the snow-capped mountains on my horizon, nothing could slow me down or keep me from feeling lighter than air.

Run stats: 5 miles. Ave pace: 9:46. Total time: 48:54. Max pace: 6:03

1. 10:16
2. 10:02
3. 9:53
4. 9:39
5. 9:00
(final 32 feet beyond 5 miles) – ave pace: 6:03 (I sprinted it in and worked on my finishing kick.)

My goal was to keep the run steady and comfortably hard and get negative splits.  Goals achieved! I felt great. Only had to stop at one four way stop (which means I got to zip right through three of them which is pretty good.)

Nervously waiting for Monday at noon — when the official sign in for Robie Creek happens online! It’s a mad dash to see who’s pc can get into the registration before the site crashes. There are about 2000 runners allowed into the race and every year it’s a nail-biter while people pray they get one of the coveted entry spots! I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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