I made Wayne wear my Garmin yesterday so I could gauge where he’s at in his running progress. He said it messed with his head and he doesn’t think he wants one after all since he kept looking at his wrist the whole time. I think perhaps only anal types like me who love to know the teeny specific details of each and every run really can’t live without one. Apparently a free spirit I am not. 

Ok, so Wayne’s 5.22 mile run yesterday:
Ave pace: 10:38, total time: 55:28. I’m very proud!  Maybe we’ll run the half side by side after all. He really is doing a great job and I’m thrilled for him. It won’t be long before those long legs of his (he’s 6 foot and I’m 5 ft 3) will carry him faster and faster while I squint my eyes and watch him fade off into the distance. But for now — he’s going my speed. I wish we had a babysitter more often! We’ve never ran together yet and I bet it would be fun.

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