Ok, it’s back up! Here’s some pictures of this past Saturday’s mountain trail run.

I took this shot at about mile 10 or 11 coming down the mountain. Weeeeee! My favorite part! Going UP always hurts since it’s so steep!

Once we left the single track trails and hit the dirt road, it was a bit easier. I also enjoyed getting to run three abreast since we could chat better than on the trails (where everyone has to run single file since it’s only about a foot wide.) I was thankful for the pickup truck that had left a single set of tire tracks in the 10 inches of snow. I was able to keep a pace of about 8:30 – 9:00 in that little tire track heading down, though footing was dicey and it was hard not to wobble or slip. A few more cars went by as I went down the mountains, then 3 snow mobiles and a dune buggy. All packed the snow a bit and made it easier to find solid footing without getting calf-deep in snow.

And, my favorite!

I was alone when I took this picture. It was just so still and quiet and beautiful out there. In the distance I could hear a bird chirping, but that was it. It was heavenly.

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