I’ve spent some time tonight researching IBS and long distance running. I’ve found some interesting articles and read some tips I’m going to try in my training to prevent another cramping, painful, gotta-find-a-bathroom NOW type of incident like I had at the 50K.

The funniest web site was this one. So.. if you’re up for some good running poop stories, here ya go girls. 


Here’s some of the most embarrassing ones.

ChiefThunderbutt (3039) — 04.04.2009 something smells…..You may be onto a new way to get an edge in competitive running, while the other runners are pacing themselves at the start of the run, put on an early burst of speed and take the lead position. When you are definitely in the lead slow down and shit your pants. Try to eat the most horrible foods imaginable the night before so your stench will be so nasty no one can bare to pass you.
Be sure to save enough back for a re-poop if the situation demands it. 

Gasparilla Poo (not verified) — 02.28.2009

I started the Gasparilla 15K today feeling so good. Pooped before my run and felt good at the start. Thought it would be my best run ever….then it happened. Around mile 6. I don’t even know I’m doing it, until I feel wet. Geez!!!!!!!! It was horrible…I got the runs during the race. I finished, got my medal and left. I was so embarrased, smelled terrible…I didn’t even get the goodies in the end, just left. The run ended up ok but I was so conscious of it all that after mile 6 it went down hill – surely wasn’t my best. I don’t have IBS and don’t normally have any issues. Only when I run. Help! There has to be an answer.

something smells (not verified) — 04.04.2009 I ran a half marathon today. It’s been a while since I’ve run long distance but since I pooped the night before the race I didn’t think I’d have trouble. Around mile 8 I really had to go. I was looking around the running trail for somewhere to poop but there is no way I could have done it without being seen. I kept running and crapped my pants around mile 9. I just kept running- didn’t even care. Around mile 10 there was a porter potty so I went in just to get the crap out of my underwear. I kept running and was so embarassed because I’d catch whiffs of myself and I knew other people must have too. I really need to figure this out. Do you really think enemas would work? Has anyone tried them before a race?

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