I talked to Wayne about my plan last night. He said he doesn’t want me to run alone in the foothills. He’s concerned about the cougars. He thinks I should do the 31.07 on the roads instead. There’s a big lake nearby I’ve always wanted to run around. He suggested that. Maybe that’s what I’ll do then if I can’t find any willing runners to do the full distance with me in the mountains again. Hmm.. I could wait for the August “official” race as another option — or I could do both. 

And, no I haven’t forgotten that I’m really supposed to be training for my first half marathon – the “toughest in the northwest” – 8 miles up and 5 miles down (there’s a lot of falling on the downhills I hear!!) That race is April 17th. I’m really excited to do it! My buddies, Davina and Emily (two of the girls from the 50K) did that race in 2:25 and 2:10 last year. I think my Mom’s official time the first time she did this race (when she was 37 – just like I am now) was 2:45. It’s a toughie and I’m eager to see if the mountain will chew me up and spit me out.

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