It turned out that the trails had hardly any snow or ice so most of us had Yak Tracks or screw shoes for nothing today.  Instead, we encountered TONS of mud and puddles, lots of ruts, etc. It was still pretty technical but not as bad as it had been three weeks ago when the trails were covered in ice and snow. My screw shoes did make a nice “clickety click” every time I ran on pavement though (which was just one small stretch but it made me laugh.) 

Honestly, other than the tummy issues earlier, I feel pretty good. My hips are sore, my right knee is a bit achey, my toes all feel pretty banged up (all that downhill running shoved them towards the front of my shoes.) But – overall, I feel better now than I did after the marathon. We’ll see what I say tomorrow though when I try to navigate the stairs. That will be the rest test.

I did do a HORRID ice bath right after I got home and I wanted to scream from the pain. After being outside running for all those hours in the cold, it was a miserable experience to dunk my lower half in an ice filled bathtub.

After I’d warmed up in the bed for an hour or two and had taken a little nap, I did go back to the tub for a warm bath (hot and cold baths alternated can speed recovery I read today online, so I tried it.) We’ll see if it all helps.

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