It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. A beautiful day in the neighborhood. So I ran three miles. Yes, I ran for three miles.  Nice and easy run today – just keeping the legs loose for Saturday’s race, but not pushing the pace one bit. Saving that glycogen for the 50K.

Today’s weight (on day 21 of my cycle) is 125.2 this morning. Again, I’m sooo close to that elusive 124. I wonder if this will be my month and I’ll finally break that barrier? I haven’t even seen 124 after a sweaty workout this year at all and in fact haven’t glimpsed it since approximately early 1999 when I was going through morning sickness with my first pregnancy.

I’m still 9.2 lbs away from my “goal” weight of 116 (high school graduation weight at 18 and my wedding weight at age 25.) I used to feel that reaching that particular number on the scale would be the equivalent of winning the lottery, falling madly crazy in love or riding a roller coaster – just so “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I’m not sure I care that much anymore.  Maybe it’s more glorious to know that my legs can run and jump and chase my children and carry me through marathons and up and down mountain races in the snow, and less important if my body is “bikini-ready” or not.

I feel strong! I feel alive! I feel healthy! Those are things that matter more to me now than any number on a scale could ever mean.

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