I’m tapering… and as expected — not enjoying myself. 

Today, I got to focus on something that let me put my mental energy into the race, at least. I talked Wayne into turning my oldest pair of running shoes (also known as “the bloody marathon pair”) into “screw shoes” for the upcoming 50K trail race. Yeah, I admit, I didn’t actually DO any of the work – thanks, honey – but I did nag him to drive to the hardware store and I did take pictures as he worked. That counts, right? 

Here’s some photos:

Here’s Super Wayne with his power drill ready for surgery!

The screw stash:

These are the hexagonal ones that will give the most grip (at least that’s the word on the street. )

Walllah!!!! My own pair of Screw Shoes with 22 screws per shoe ready to tackle that 50K trail run on Saturday!

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