Tonight’s run ended up being in the dark, after it rained, down busy streets and through mud-soaked shoulders of country roads. Running at night is always a bit surreal to me. Your feet pound the pavement and you move forward, but you can’t always tell how far you’ve gone since darkness swallows up everything your eager eyes strain to see.

Bertha and I were surprised we’d gone further than we’d intended, once the heart-to-heart conversation and the quiet of the dark night had lulled us further than we’d set out to go. It was a beautiful run, if not an unusual one because of the chill, the puddles, the traffic and the dark. My own stomach issues made it even more of an adventure. It turns out you really can pull down your tights and use a farmer’s ditch as your toilet when you have no other options and that cheeseburger you had for lunch comes back to haunt you. Ugh. Thank heavens for a patient and understanding running partner.

This was our last “long” run before our race next Saturday. We’re in a taper, so it wasn’t actually that long. 7.53 miles. Slow and steady.

We’ll focus on getting maps made this week for the course (this race will not have marked course turns or aid stations.) Each of us will configure our older shoes to become better at traction in the snow and ice by drilling – yes, drilling small screws into the bottoms of our shoes. I’ve read that you can fit between 10 – 20 pretty easily and that the traction it gives is pretty impressive. I guess we’ll be able to share with all of you after next Saturday weather this really does make a difference or not. I’m hoping the answer is yes. After wiping out twice on the descents on the last run, I’m hoping to avoid a repeat performance in the 50K. 

I hope some of you will be sending us positive thoughts and good vibes as we run next weekend. I know we’ll be able to feel all the support and encouragement you gals are famous for giving.  Love you gals! I hope you’re all having a great weekend.

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