How could I help but break into a sprint at the end of my 6 mile, windy run today when “Dude Looks Like a Lady” started blaring on my mp3 player? I mean really — that song just begs to be sprinted too, now doesn’t it?  I am also completely innocent to the fact that my body started doing the twist during my cooldown stretches when Elvis started belting out “All Shook Up.” Jr, Josh and Savannah opened the door about then and enjoyed the show.

6.04 miles today. 20mph winds. About 37 degrees. Sunny. Beautiful. Chilly. 10:50 average pace (not bad considering how often I was running INTO the wind today), 1:05 total time. I hit 70.35 miles for the month today. Looks like I’m on track to hit 100 once I do the wild and crazy ultra in a week and a half!

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