Today I did the wii fit plus. I feel fine again after yesterday’s 13.01 miles. I was so beat down afterwards, though I really could have used an ice bath and a nap – but since my van broke down this weekend (which meant my brother in law and his family came over so the guys could fix the van – saving us a ton of moula since the shop wanted $650 and they did it themselves for closer to $125), Rebecca had a playdate at our house and my parents stopped by, I just didn’t have time for one.

I do think the way I felt at the end of yesterday’s run was telling though. I don’t think I’ll do a long run at all this week – just 2 or 3 short or middle distances to start loading up the glycogen in those muscles, let the microscopic tears repair themselves from a hard month’s workouts and to mentally refresh myself.

I wonder how long the course really will be???? It’s an unofficial 50K and I’ve heard rumors that the course may be so poorly measured that it’s closer to 28 miles. Hmm… I guess my Garmin and I will have to find out the day of the race. Either way, I’m ready and I’m eager to push my limits past 26.2 to see if I can do it.

I’m loving my new, shorter hairstyle. It’s easier to deal with on runs and afterwards too. It is a pain to have to pull out the curling irons or flat irons when it’s first washed and dried, but in the end, I like the variations I have with the new look. I also like that once I style it, the look lasts for a couple of days – or until I wash it again. Sometimes I really hate my naturally curly hair. I think this cut might just help me warm up to it again. There is only one problem. I realized after flat-ironing it and then looking in the mirror that I kind of look like Monica Lewinsky.  Hmm….. I really wasn’t expecting that, but I thought it was funny in a bizarre sort of way.

There’s one more random thing I wanted to share with you gals. Last Saturday, when Bertha and I ran with the five other runners, it turns out there was a minor celebrity in our midst and we didn’t even know it. My pal, Emily brought her Dad along on that run. I’d heard amazing things about this man. I knew he’d ran a 50 mile race at zero degrees a few months ago – and did it with a smile (and a frosty beard!) I knew he was very athletic for his age (I think he’s mid 50’s), but I didn’t really know much else about him. On the run, Bertha and I both enjoyed his company. He was very encouraging and a genuinely nice guy. It turns out, he’s the editor of Bowhunter magazine and has written several books! That’s pretty impressive! Here’s an interview I found online about him Pretty cool, huh, guys? I guess you never know who you’re going to meet when you head out for a run. 

Ok, today’s workout: I did the wii fit plus for an hour and 13 min., burned 170 calories. During the workout, I decided to challenge the wii fit trainer gal. Can you believe when it started she said “I’m feeling off. Come back another day.” Really?!!! What a poor motivator!  Anyways… I chose that option again and she went head-to-head with me for the jackknife challenge. I hit 100, earned the “guru” status and she pooped out! I think I could have done 20 or so more. I hope the game will let me push my limits even further next time before the trainer quits.  I’m so proud of myself!!!!!

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