The Garmin can get wet in the rain, but you aren’t supposed to go swimming with it. I found this on the amazon site with the specifics: (submersible in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.)

I’ve worn mine in the rain many times – including the nearly 5 hours I ran in my marathon where it rained the entire race!!!! My Garmin was perfectly fine.

And, I have to tell you, running in the rain is one of my secret, guilty pleasures in life. Most people assume it would be horrible – but it makes you feel like a kid again, everything smells so fresh and it’s kind of groovy splashing through the puddles. Although.. I admit that four hours into my 40 degree marathon, I wasn’t exactly “Singing in the Rain.”  So, even I have my limits — but I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

How you dress for rain depends on your own comfort levels and the temperature. In the spring and fall, sometimes running in shorts and a tank feels great in the rain. At the marathon, I ended up running in just that the entire way – but I was shivering like crazy by the end.

I do like to wear a hat with a brim, no sunglasses (since they just fog up anyways), light gloves that I can tuck into my pockets if I overheat, dry-wick socks, a light dry-wick running jacket over a dry-wick shirt (either long sleeved technical shirt or short depending on the temp and the wind) if it’s colder than 50 degrees and running tights that don’t drag.

At my race, I wore a pair that were a little too long and once the rain weighed them down I was stomping on them — hence the reason I shed them at mile 5 and ran half naked the rest of the race. I have two pairs of tights that are much better for the rain. My CW-X tights are fantastic and very supportive to my muscle groups and I bought a pair from JcPenney last year that are also really great and are not too long. Being 5’3″ that’s more of an issue that it might be for someone who’s taller.

Here’s a pic of me at the marathon running in the rain. You can tell by my smile that it really is a surreal, fun experience.

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