I love recovery runs.  The chance to stretch out the legs, see how the weekend’s long run affected everything and finding that all the parts are still working just fine.  I love the relaxed, easy pace, listening to my favorite 80’s tunes, while I just breathe and take it all in, while letting that lactic acid get pushed out of my legs and the fresh blood start pumping as recovery continues. It’s a beautiful day here in Southern Idaho. A bit windy, but not overly so. I felt light today. Happy. Free.

About two miles into my run, out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a reflection of myself. I turned and saw another woman dressed almost identical to me (cw-x black performance tights, black running jacket, gloves, a knit hat zipping along parallel to me on the street on the other sidewalk.) I grinned and tried to catch her eye to give her a wave hello. Very quickly I realized she was a woman on a mission and wouldn’t be waving back. She was fast! Really fast! I tried to up the pace to see if I could guage her pace on my Garmin. I hit about 6:30 and couldn’t hold the pace — but she could. Wow! I was in awe. She crossed the street and turned — into my neighborhood! Who knew I had such a rockstar living so close. Ha ha. Anyways.. she was a pretty good inspiration to me today. I realized after getting a closer look at her – she was younger – much younger than me – and trimmer. I want to be like her someday! Fast! 

Today’s easy run: 2.67 miles. Ave Pace: 11:55. Time: 31:48.

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