I’m still pretty sore in the quads and calves today. My shoulders are still a bit achy from packing the Camelbak that whole 6 hours too. I texted Bertha today to see how she was recovering. She’s slowly feeling better as well. I asked if she still wanted to aim for the ultra on the 30th and her answer was, “Let’s do it!!!” So, do it we shall!  Now sure what’s on the agenda for this Saturday. I heard the others say they might head back to the trails for a longer repeat of what we did – maybe 22 miles. We’ll see how everyone recovers this week. That run will be two weeks from the race, which means it should be our furthest distance and then we pull back and taper the following week and a half before the race. We’ll see. This certainly is the worst planning I’ve done for a race. Keep your fingers crossed we’ll stay injury-free and continue to have fun with it.

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