Day 8 of Streak – Easy 2

Gorgeous out there today – sunny, 27 degrees, 7 mph winds. It almost felt like a heatwave in comparison to the 19 degrees I’ve been seeing the rest of the week.  Legs are a little crampy in the calves. I’m sure they’ll adjust if I keep it up. Ave heart rate today: 156. The last 3 days were right in there: 157, 155, and 156. It feels like my comfy pace. 

I couldn’t sleep much last night, so I got up and looked up the race photos for the Orcas Island 50k from 2 years ago. The photos got me even more jazzed about the upcoming race.  It’s going to be pretty exciting!

Stats: 2.34 miles. 10:29 ave pace. 24:32 – time. Ave HR – 156. Max HR – 165. 206 ft elevation gain.

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