As for my 20 miler… I’m feeling a bit discouraged. I’ve been messaging back and forth with the gal who’s setting up the long run for this Saturday and the map she shared with me is 17.56 miles – in the MOUNTAINS on rugged trails through the snow!!!!!!!!!  I’m a little freaked out. I realize this is exactly what we’re training for. But I guess I just didn’t expect to face it so soon. I also admit to being disappointed that we’re not doing 20.  I really had my heart set on it. I talked to Bertha and she felt the same way. We decided not to ride with the others so that we could run a bit extra at the end if we’re up to it. But…… the organizer gal told me that it will take us at least 5 hours – YES – 5 hours — in these conditions to do the 17.5ish! Oh my word!!!!! I’m a little freaked out! That’s about half of what we’re doing on race day (31.07), so I’m starting to worry that I’m looking at running in the snowy trails for closer to 8 – 10 hours!  Can I do that? I have no idea!!!! I hope I don’t get frost-bitten. I hope no snowmobilers run us over, I hope no hungry wolves eat us up. Yes, I’m panicking a bit.

I also found out today there will be NO civilization contact the entire run — so we can’t use a bathroom or buy more Gatorade for instance along the way. Hmm. My Camelbak carries enough for about 3 hours of running. I usuaully refill after that on a really long run. AND… my AF is due tomorrow! So I’ll be bleeding out in the middle of the boonies, men will be in the running group and I’m — nervous. I’m also afraid of us getting lost since the trail is supposed to be covered in snow. Hmmmm….. My Garmin can get me back to start, so that’s something. I might wear my glow in the dark neon yellow vest in case we DO get lost and others have to come find us. I’ll bring my cell phone.

I wonder if I need to drill screws into a pair of my old running shoes for better grip (I read about this in Runner’s World last year.) On an inclining, steep, mountain path in the snow and ice, I wonder if it would even help?

And… the run is supposed to start at 7 am. It’s not even light out by then here yet. Hmm…

Ok.. so we’ll see how things turn out — but I have a case of the jitters at the moment!

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