Just got back from an easy, breezy 16.25 hilly miles with Bertha on our first training run for the ultra later this month. It went great!! We encountered some dogs, we squished through the thick mud and ice about 1/3 into and out of a farmer’s field, we peed behind a haystack, then posed for pictures next to the farmer’s tractor (I’ve got to upload those and then I’ll share them), we found an abandoned purse next to a ditch (we rifled through it to see if there was any ID, but it turned out to be full of makeup – most of it dried out from the sun – so we’re guessing it had been there for several months. There was a cell phone though, so I brought that back home and I’m having Wayne see if he can bring it back to life. I thought maybe we could find the owner. Not sure though since Wayne said the little card thing had been pulled out of it. It does sound like this was a stolen purse. So sad. It’s a cute phone too.

After completing our miles, we high-fived and drove to the nearest gas station for chocolate milk and salt and vinegar chips – MMmmmmmmmm  Then we headed back to Bertha’s place so she could introduce me to — the world’s tiniest, cutest chihuahua in the world! Seriously, I may have to kidnap that cutie! I’ve always had a thing for chihuahuas. That’s the only kind of dog I’ve ever owned and they make me 

I feel great! I feel strong! I think we can do this ultra! Next Saturday, we’ll do 20 miles. I can’t wait!

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