Did 45 min of wii tonight. I kicked Wayne’s butt in boxing.  He beat me good at tennis and baseball though and we split on our two bowling games. Not the most intense workout ever (other than the boxing), but it was fun.


I’ve come to embrace rain, heat and cold on runs. What I cannot seem to overcome my dislike of is the wind, though. It just chills me to the bone and brings tears to my eyes (literally). Brrrrrr.

Today I did 7.03 miles. I just wasn’t feeling it today. I had to really push to keep going at all. Some days are like that.

Total time: 1:17 (that included walking for the last 1/3 of mile as a cooldown), with an average pace of 10:58.

I was reading my Shape magazine a couple nights ago and came across an article about a Mom of four who made it her goal to run 10 marathons by the time she was 40. I  it! I figured it out and if I adjust the goal to – Do 10 marathons by the end of my 40th year — I think it’s a real possibility that I could reach that. It’s lofty, but that’s what I like about it. I’m also toying with making that — 10 marathons by the end of my 40th year – in 10 different states!  Still thinking it through — but it makes me smile – so I think this might be the next big thing for me.

Here’s the definite marathons I’d like to do: I need 9 more to make my goal
2. Seattle Rock n Roll – Washington
3. Portland Marathon – Oregon
4. St George Marathon – Utah
5. Las Vegas Rock n Roll – Nevada
6. Big Sur Marathon – California
7. New York – New York
8. Boston – Massachusetts
9. Chicago – Illinois
10. ?

This morning’s weight: 126.4


Ok, the cookies did do me in – a little. I’m up to 127.4 again. I’m planning on going for a 10 miler today. I’m dressed for it. I just have several errands to run first – like dropping off all those holiday sweets to other houses to get them out of mine.


Did the wii fit for 45 min today. I’ve owned it now for 32 days and my accumulated time just passed 12 hours total on it! Cool!  I can tell that my flexibility, core and strength are improving from doing the exercises with the trainer – and the games like hula hoop (one has me doing it for 10 minutes straight now), the step-dancing one (which reminds me of an easier version of dance dance revolution), and boxing (which is such a workout I’m breathless at the end of it!) are really giving me a good workout and using some of the muscle groups I’d neglected with my running-only program. The kids and Wayne are all still using it several times a week each too, so I think this was really a great family-friendly video system! I’m so glad we bought it — and that we got it used so we didn’t overspend. 

I’ve been so bad about eating cookies and sweets this week!  The kids and I have been baking up a storm and of course – that means more yummy treats around the house to tempt me. I need to quickly finish up this baking today and then give away most of the sweets so they are out of my mind and reach!  I know I’ve put back on at least a pound of the four I’d lost this past month — but I’m being very committed to my running and cross-training, so I think I’ll be ok. I’ll just have to focus again on nutrition.

I’m so proud of Wayne! He’s really sticking to the running program I put him on – running three times a week for half an hour. He’s getting better too. Today he walked 7 minutes, ran 9, then walked the rest of the way home for a total of 32 minutes. It’s a great start!! He’s so determined to do the half-marathon (the tough trail one with 8 miles UP, then 5.1 miles downhill) in April with me. Some of his work friends are training for it too, so I think that will also help to motivate him. My Mom is also planning on doing it this year – her first time in 15 years! It should be a pretty awesome experience for all of us! I can’t wait! About 17 weeks to go!


Goodbye- third toenail on my right foot. You will be missed. It finally came off after a warm bath last night. Can you believe it took three months to fall off after it turned black in September? Weird, huh? I admit, I was really nervous that it would hurt — but it didn’t hurt a bit. I ran today and didn’t even notice not having a nail.

Today was the perfect run — well, almost! 6.51 miles with an average pace of 9:55. I took it easy for the first three miles (though there was the killer hill that I took near the golf course), then the funniest thing happened around mile 3.5. I noticed another runner coming towards me from a neighborhood I was passing. It was a guy in his early 20’s dressed in running tights and a skull cap. I quickly realized that based on our current paces, we’d smack right into each other if one of us didn’t back off or speed up. I chose to back off a bit and let him turn onto the road I was running on, figuring — he’s young — he’ll zoom off and I can then go back to enjoying my run in peace and solitude.

Strangely, as soon as he got on the path, I realized we were going nearly the same pace. I checked my Garmin and say we were doing about a sub 9 min/mile. I was literally running so close to the back of him I could have whispered “You’re a dork” and he’d have heard me. It was one of those socially awkward moments where I really wasn’t sure what to do. The pace felt great but the proximity felt creepy. I could back off, but lose momentum when I was feeling strong or I could push forward and try to zoom past him, which I wasn’t sure I could really pull off since I was already going faster than I usually do. So…. we stayed like that for nearly a MILE  He did end up crossing the street to get away from “creey runner lady” and I went ahead and pushed the pace just a hair — and passed him up.

I finally saw the intersection that I turn at and went that direction, leaving Mr Runner Dude in the dust. I was laughing to myself that I’d kept up with some fit college guy for that whole mile. My legs were feeling terrific. My lungs felt refreshed from all the delicious, fresh air (40’s and lightly breezy today). I was feeling fantastic. I jogged along, then turned back onto the road that takes me home — and WHO do you think I nearly ran right into AGAIN?  Yup! Runner Dude came from another neighborhood and looked as shocked as I was that we bumped into each other again. I burst into a grin, thinking it was kind of funny and I swear to you, the poor soul looked terrified. (I think he thought I was a runner-lady-stocker!) 

Anyways…it happened again (the running the same pace – this time closer to 9:30) for about a block, when Runner Dude made a quick break for it and zipped off in another direction as fast as his skinny, scared legs could carry him. I grinned the whole way home, thinking the poor dude was frightened of little ole me.  I wanted to hollar out “You couldn’t run faster than a nearly 40 Mom of five this morning, buddy! Ha ha ha ha ha”, but I controlled myself and only THOUGHT that in his general direction! 

Anyways.. it was seriously a great run. It rained yesteray here, washing away all the snow and leaving behind quite a bit of slush and mud on the shoulders of the roads where I run. I stuck to the sidewalks alot today, but along the country roads, I had to run right in the road until cars came, then leaped into the muddy shoulder. Ugh! I leaped a little too fast one of the times and landed funny twisting my ankle a bit. It’s the same ankle I hurt last year, but I don’t think it was anything serious. It’s just a little sore now.

Though the roads were nearly clear, other than the occasional pile of slush, off in the distance the mountains were totally blanketed in snow today. Wow…… Just wow…  I love being a runner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My splits for today:
Mile 1: 10:40
Mile 2: 10:29
Mile 3: 9:14
Mile 4: 8:53
Mile 5: 10:03
Mile 6: 9:48
The last half mile pace: 10:34


Asics in the snow.. fa la la la la la laaaaaa…… Did you hear mine out there today quietly running through the fields and paths – crunch, crunch, crunch, breathe, crunch, crunch, crunch, breathe….. 

It’s heavenly out there today! The sidewalks and trails I ran today were mostly untouched by any feet except for a few paw prints here and there from neighborhood cats. I leaned down and measured the snow at about 4 inches in places, but I’d say it was mostly 3 inches of soft powder along my route today. I swear it’s a whole different level of workout when you have snow to push back with your feet as you run. I could feel it in my quads and hamstrings! It was a real challenge! I loved it!

As I was running near the local tree farm, it nearly took my breath away when I saw that the ditch I run alongside was totally frozen over. How I wish I owned some ice skates! And, yes, I’m just kidding…. the sides are really steep, so I’d likely get in there, have a ball, then be unable to get back out again. At least it would be entertaining to anyone who saw though. 

Happy Winter running, my friends!!!!!


My weight on my wedding day – December 13, 1997 was 116 lbs. 12 years later I’m 126.4. I’m thrilled to be that close again.  I just checked my running log from last year and my weight on my anniversary last year was 137.0. I’m so proud of myself for losing 10 more lbs this year! I wonder if I’ll be able to get back to 116 my next year?  It would be a pretty cool thing! I’ll keep running — and hopefully the numbers on the scale will slowly keep dropping. 

For our anniversary, Wayne took me to Olive Garden (the Tiramasu cake was soooo good ), we went bowling (I’m so bad at it but we had so much fun) and we went to see The Blind Side. What a great movie! I loved it!!!!


My weight after the last post was 126.4.  I know that’s an after-workout weight so it doesn’t really count – but MAN it felt good to see those numbers!


I had my first snow run today!!!!! Bertha and I did 6.12 miles while the snowflakes fell around us. It was heavenly! Our shoes did get wet by the end, but we didn’t care. It was definitely a whole new kind of workout. I could feel it in my knees and shins. It was definitely more work – and I felt amazing afterwards because of it! I can’t wait to do it again! 

This morning’s weight – 127.0!  I checked my fitness journal for day 4 of last month’s cycle and my weight that day was 130.2. I’ve lost 3.2 lbs this month! That rocks! I think the core work is the thing that’s made the difference. I will stick with this! The payoff is fantastic!


It snowed and it’s been so chilly outside! So, I got acquainted with my treadmill again – and it wasn’t half bad.  Got in 3.5 miles today and am just about to do the wii fit. Bertha’s coming tomorrow am to do a core workout with me and we’re doing a long run on Saturday. We decided to not join the group doing 15 after all. The hills they’re running in are covered in snow and they’re so STEEP. Not sure it’s a great plan, so we’ll just run by ourselves in the valley instead and maybe do 8 or so. We’ll see how we feel.