I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ran in the snow and ice today and my Garmin now shows 801.19 miles!  It wasn’t easy. It was cold and windy and most of the roads and sidewalks I ran were slippery or covered in 3 inches of snow. My shoes are soaking wet — but I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my running log last night, I thought about all that I’d accomplished over the last year. I read back in my last few logbooks and was reminded of some things I’d forgotten about. These are the highlights of 2009 for the running aspect of my life:

1. I overcame my bad injury and WAS able to run again by the end of March 2009 after having to take 14 weeks off to recover! Man, was it hard! But I got better!!!!

2. I found the world’s best running pal in the world 9 months ago — my childhood buddy, Bertha, who I hadn’t hung out with since we were in 8th grade! What a wonderful, awesome, inspirational friend she is to me now! I’m so glad to have her back in my life!!

3. I ran my first 10K in June in a time of 1:02:00. I was SO proud of myself! 

4. I ran my first marathon on October 4, 2009 in a time of 4:57:33 – in the rain in 40 degree temps – in a tank top and shorts. It was one of the proudest accomplishments of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. I lost 10 lbs this year! I’m so proud of myself! Only 10 more lbs to go to hit my wedding (1997)/high school graduation (1991) weight of 116. I really think it’s possible. 

Now my goals for the New Year are:

1. Run my first ultra-marathon on Jan. 30th (50K = 31.07 miles) with some friends.

2. Run my first half marathon – the “toughest half-marathon in the Northwest” in April.

3. Run my second marathon in Seattle, WA in June (a Rock-n-Roll) with Bertha! 

4. Run my third marathon in Portland, OR in October with Bertha. (This would be three marathons in three different states for me too. Pretty cool, huh?)

5. Run my first “official” 5K since 1995 in a time of 27:00 or better (My “dream” goal is 25:07 – which the age -graded chart calls “local class”).

6. Lose 10 lbs so I can zip up my wedding dress next December on my 13th anniversary! 

Here’s looking forward to a terrific New Year!!!! Happy New Year everyone!

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