Jogging through the snow
On a Wintery Idaho day….
Over the ditch banks I go…
Woo-hooing all the way!!!

I woke up to 3 inches of freshly fallen snow – so I laced up the Asics, put on a few too many layers and headed out. My quads and glutes really got a workout out there pushing through that snow. I ran along ditch banks and through grass and hit a few sidewalks (although it was hard to see exactly where the sidewalks were with so much snow.) 

27 degrees. No wind. Beautiful, winter wonderland out there. 4.07 miles.

I’ve decided something….. I’m going to finally delete all of my saved Garmin workouts after the end of the year. I’ll hit 800 miles just before then. My Garmin can hold up to 1000 laps (I have it set to do 1 mile = 1 lap), so if I don’t delete it now, it will be full in another 200 miles and I’ll need to do it anyway. From what I read online, the watch will star to beep nonstop until that data is cleared and it won’t be able to store new information until you do it — so I may as well just make this a yearly thing and delete at each New Year. I’m a little clingy with my data, but I think I figured out how to export the data onto my external hard drive to save for later. I also have a written record in my daily workout log, and I’ve typed it all up in an excel sheet too. Hmm.. I guess I won’t really be losing anything at all. I’m kind of excited to have a fresh start.  My average pace has really improved in the past few weeks and it would be nice to see that reflected in my “overall average pace” on the Garmin stats when I upload my runs each time. Here’s to a fantastic 2010 everyone!!!!!!!!

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