I’m so proud of Wayne! He ran his first 4 miler today – and included a really tough hill – and did it!  He’s so excited to be training for his first half!

I did the Wii Fit Plus for the second time and burned the equivalent of a soda. Mmm.. now I want a Vanilla Coke.  Just kidding!!! 105 calories in 33 min. I really worked my core today. It hurts! Between that super hula for 10 minutes and the 30 jackknives I think my waist got a nice workout. I also tried my hand at the driving range (on the wii) and the feedback said I’m practically a pro. Hmm.. I don’t think dh will agree with that – but I did enjoy hitting a few balls. I did a little yoga and some balance exercises too. It was fun.

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