Tried out the Wii Fit Plus for the first time today. I had a little trouble figuring out where some of my old favorite workouts went, but ended up finding them after fiddling around for a bit. I’m glad it imported my old information but didnt’ like how it didn’t offer my advanced options on the preset workouts. I did find that setting up several exercises in advance was faster than having to go through the menu after each one, though. I also liked knowing how many calories each activity burned and thought it was fun to choose a calorie goal for each day’s workout. I chose the equivalent of an ice cream (190) for today. I liked having that goal to work towards. It took a bit over an hour since I did several strength and yoga moves which are great for building muscle and core strength but not so great at burning a ton of calories like an aerobic workout. I also liked that multi-player option so the kids can rotate through the fun games more quickly. My favorite new game was the bicycling around the island, and I also enjoyed the snowball fight and island flying game. 

1 hr 3 min on wii fit plus — 190 calories down.  Not bad for a first day.

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