My weight is consistently in the 126’s each morning now, which is pretty good considering all the Christmas treats I’ve been eating. Slow and steady. I have to remind myself of that. I’m really eager to see 125 be a keeper number. Hopefully within a month.

It was cold out there on my run today! Brrrrrr. I needed every layer I wore – which included insulated gloves, a hat and a scarf in addition to the usual gear today. I ran 6.35 miles in 1:07 at an easy pace – averaging 10:40 which included a .20 mile walk at the end to cool down. I hit the 6 mile mark at 1:03. This spring, Bertha and I were doing 6 milers once a week and we’d usually average closer to 1:15 for that. I pulled back on the speed several times in this run today, reminding myself that the real training starts next week. It’s cool to see that my easy runs have gotten faster in the last few months. I did my first 10k in June in 1:02, so today’s easy run wasn’t far off from what I would have considered a very speedy race just a few months ago. Wow. It’s amazing how our bodies adapt and get stronger over time — even when the changes seem so gradual that you hardly notice them on a day-to-day basis sometimes.

I’ll keep playing it conservative, though. Injury is a runner’s worst nightmare and prevention is my motto.  I won’t push the pace or the mileage much until much closer to the race I’ll be training for – and honestly — the race I’m doing has very little to do with speed. No one PR’s this race for a half.  They survive it! So, I’ll have to focus on hill work and strength in my quads and hamstrings to really stay strong out there when others are wanting to quit. My good buddy, D, told me that last year at mile 8 (the summit), she cried and wanted to just sit down and be done with it. I’m nervous to face such a big challenge – but also SO pumped about it! This race has been on my “wish list” since I was a teen and my Mom was the one racing it with my Aunt.  I can’t wait! 

See this grade graph?

That’s what the mountain looks like in the half I’m doing in April. I want to conquer that!

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