I only had time for a really short run today. Too bad, too, because the weather is pretty optimal for running today. Honestly, my hat, gloves, love sleeved technical shirt and running jacket were too much! I was warm half a mile in and took off the jacket, tied it around my waist and put the gloves in my pocket. I would have probably felt perfect in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt today. The gray skies fooled me!

3.10 miles. Ave pace: 9:55 (includes cooldown walk for last .10) total time: 30:47. My right knee was bothering me a bit today. Not sure why. I’ve started doing my wall sits again to strengthen that area since the race I’m going to be training for next is one giant hill, so I know strong knees will be a real benefit. I’m up to about 2 min in the wall sit/invisible chair hold now before I collapse in a heap on the bathroom floor. Last winter I was up to 3:30 min so it’ll be a while to build back up to that. I read Runner’s World while I hold the pose. It helps distract my mind from my quivering thighs. 

Wt this am was 126.4. After workouts lately, I’m seeing 125.2.  I’m pretty pleased with my weight loss this past month. I still have plenty of squishiness around my midsection, hips and boobs. I think I’m going to add some Pilates DVD’s to my cross training since my core is still the area that needs the most work. I have noticed my posture being better the past couple of weeks from doing the wii fit yoga and strength workouts though. Wayne bought me the Wii fit Plus for Christmas, so it’ll be fun to see what exercises and games they’ve added to that.

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