Who would have thought that finding a new sports bra would take hours out of my day today as I trekked to three different running stores just to find ONE in my size?! 

The first store I hit is the only one in the area that carries CW-X bras. I tried on everything in the store (which amounted to 6 bras total!) I have to say, I’m disappointed in CW-X this year. The bra I’ve been raving about and running in for the last year and a half is super supportive. Well, that is – it WAS until I lost weight again this year. The day I bought it, I remember jumping up and down (literally) while Wayne and the kids watched and all agreed that it was a true miracle from heaven – my boobs weren’t bouncing.  I’m really not sure what style my old CW-X was, but I think it was the Xtra support Sport one. The new models are NOTHING like the old one! There was no support at all.

So..I headed over to the second running store I’ve bought shoes from. Being the country bumpkin I am, I will also admit to being completely overwhelmed by the traffic, the tall buildings and the parking garages — while trying to get to this second store. I finally found a parking meter – TWO blocks away – and jogged to the running store — only to find that I was half an hour early for their opening. Ugh! What kind of store doesn’t open until 11 am?!

Anyways.. so back in the van, fighting the terrifying Christmas traffic, I meandered my way around town to the last running store I know of in my area, crossing my fingers that I really would be able to find just ONE new sports bra in my size.

The minute I crossed the street (after parking at yet another meter), I knew my Christmas miracle had come! The sidewalk was lined with racks of clearance clothing – including several sports bras!!! The clearance rack alone held twice as many bras as the first store! That was a good sign. I grabbed anything that remotely was near my size and headed into the store — when what to my wondering eyes should appear — but two walls filled with MORE sports bras in every size, color and style imaginable — well, except CW-X – but still! I felt like a kid in a candy store. Or at least a runner girl in a sports bra heaven! 

I started rifling through the racks and found — yes – yes — yes — size 34DD! They even had different colors for my oddball size! Out of nowhere – or perhaps from behind the wondrous, waterfall of water bottles display (seriously) came this plump older woman — all smiles. (I think she was my fairy godmother!) She was so sweet and helpful and she whisked my items off to a private dressing room.

I spent a good half an hour trying on bra after bra and then jogging in place while looking in the mirror. I will say that none of the bras held the girls tight enough to prevent ALL bounce — but, I’m not really sure ANY bra could do that with the size that I am. But.. I found support, cute styles and what I was looking for. I learned a few things too. I didn’t know that some sports bras come with hook-eye closures now, underwire, separate cups (goodbye uniboob – I’ll miss ya! NOT!), adjustable straps that had velcro instead of hooks, and mesh for sweat reduction. It was pretty impressive seeing all that’s available now for those of us who’s cups runneth over with boobies.

I ended up with two bras for the price I’d been planning on spending on one CW-X bra! Both were from a brand called Moving Comfort in the style Maia. It’s a high impact bra, with the hook eye closures on the band for adustable fit, under wire and moisture-wicking fabric. I bought a 34DD in black and a clearance 32D in white. The smaller one fit pretty good when I latched it on the biggest band setting and the 34DD fit best when I placed it on the tightest setting. I’m certain a 34D or 32DD would also have worked fine.

Here’s a picture of my new sports bra, so you can get an idea of what it looks like in person.

Online just now I also see it comes in pink! How cute!

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