Did the wii fit for 45 min today. I’ve owned it now for 32 days and my accumulated time just passed 12 hours total on it! Cool!  I can tell that my flexibility, core and strength are improving from doing the exercises with the trainer – and the games like hula hoop (one has me doing it for 10 minutes straight now), the step-dancing one (which reminds me of an easier version of dance dance revolution), and boxing (which is such a workout I’m breathless at the end of it!) are really giving me a good workout and using some of the muscle groups I’d neglected with my running-only program. The kids and Wayne are all still using it several times a week each too, so I think this was really a great family-friendly video system! I’m so glad we bought it — and that we got it used so we didn’t overspend. 

I’ve been so bad about eating cookies and sweets this week!  The kids and I have been baking up a storm and of course – that means more yummy treats around the house to tempt me. I need to quickly finish up this baking today and then give away most of the sweets so they are out of my mind and reach!  I know I’ve put back on at least a pound of the four I’d lost this past month — but I’m being very committed to my running and cross-training, so I think I’ll be ok. I’ll just have to focus again on nutrition.

I’m so proud of Wayne! He’s really sticking to the running program I put him on – running three times a week for half an hour. He’s getting better too. Today he walked 7 minutes, ran 9, then walked the rest of the way home for a total of 32 minutes. It’s a great start!! He’s so determined to do the half-marathon (the tough trail one with 8 miles UP, then 5.1 miles downhill) in April with me. Some of his work friends are training for it too, so I think that will also help to motivate him. My Mom is also planning on doing it this year – her first time in 15 years! It should be a pretty awesome experience for all of us! I can’t wait! About 17 weeks to go!

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