Asics in the snow.. fa la la la la la laaaaaa…… Did you hear mine out there today quietly running through the fields and paths – crunch, crunch, crunch, breathe, crunch, crunch, crunch, breathe….. 

It’s heavenly out there today! The sidewalks and trails I ran today were mostly untouched by any feet except for a few paw prints here and there from neighborhood cats. I leaned down and measured the snow at about 4 inches in places, but I’d say it was mostly 3 inches of soft powder along my route today. I swear it’s a whole different level of workout when you have snow to push back with your feet as you run. I could feel it in my quads and hamstrings! It was a real challenge! I loved it!

As I was running near the local tree farm, it nearly took my breath away when I saw that the ditch I run alongside was totally frozen over. How I wish I owned some ice skates! And, yes, I’m just kidding…. the sides are really steep, so I’d likely get in there, have a ball, then be unable to get back out again. At least it would be entertaining to anyone who saw though. 

Happy Winter running, my friends!!!!!

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