I am wearing a properly fitting bra for the first time in my life right now!  I had a fitting at JcPenney a few months ago – but — they didn’t have anything in the store in my size – so I went home empty-handed. My size is 34DD and it’s an oddball one. I ended up going to Wal Mart and finding the brand Secret Treasures and they had either 36D or 34D and I tried on both. They were both close but not perfect. I ended up going with the 36D and ever since the band has been riding up on me when I wear it. So… being both cheap and inspired – I went to ebay and found a real 34DD for less than $5 total including shipping. The brand is Warner’s, it’s black and lacy, has an underwire (a must-have for me) and it fits PERFECTLY! So, I just had to share!  So, this is what it feels like to actually have the underwire part laying flat against my rib cage, huh? I’ve been buying the wrong sized bras for so long I always thought they were supposed to “float” in front of me.  I feel pretty silly now. I feel like this helps my posture and my girls look perkier than they have in years!  Just in time for my upcoming anniversary, too!

Oh, and one more thing — I saw 128.0 on the scale today!

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