I did not get in a wii workout yesterday. I was overwhelmed looking over some other curriculum choices for the kids and just didn’t get it done.

Had to take Savannah to the dentist today for her first crown. Bless her heart.  It broke my heart. She was so good for the shot, but then just was grabbing his hand to make him stop the drilling, writhing and wiggling. I was holding her little hands and trying to talk soothingly to her — but she looked scared to death.  It was a miracle he got the one tooth done — but he said we’ll have to do the other 5 under anethesia at the hospital. I asked if we could wait until after her 3rd birthday per her pediatrician’s fear of her being exposed to so much general anethetic before age 3 (she’s been under 5 times already for other procedures when she was younger.) She’s such a trooper. I hugged her so tight when she was done and the dentist gave her a pretty pink toy ring with a giant fake stone. She just  it!!!! She seems just fine now, but I was almost in tears when I got back — so I asked Wayne if I could head out on a run before he left.

I just got back and did 4.57 miles in 47:14. I swear the cold air, the sunshine or the wii workouts must be doing something because suddenly I’m finding it easy to run faster than before — not speedy fast or anything –but faster than before.

Here’s my splits:
1. 10:19
2. 9:24
3. 9:58
4. 10:41
5. (the half mile) – I walked half of this as a cool down – ave pace – 12:02

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