Today’s weight 129.6 – going in the right direction again. AF is due in about a week or so. I’m amazed at how sore my abs still are from my wii fit jack knife challenge against the trainer (I won! ) I am feeling it, baby! I also did a push up challenge that day and also beat the virtual trainer (I don’t think she was trying her best honestly!)

Today I’ll do the wii fit again. I’ll take the day off from running to recover from the last two workouts since both were on the speedy side for me. A running group of pals that B and I have just invited us to a 12-15 miler on steep trails for December 12th! I’m so pumped!!! I love that area! B and I did a 10 miler there this summer and it was SO challenging at some points we were practically dying! I can’t wait!  B and I will just do the steep dirt hills by her house this Saturday (it’s the kind of place where guys like to drive their 4 wheelers – really steep!!! That will be a great workout too!

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